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                          With the advanced chemical synthesis and biological fermentation technology, Apeloa provides raw materials and intermediates to many pharmaceutical factories at home and abroad. Our preparation products in cardio-cerebrovascular, anti-infection and anti-tumor treatment are widely welcomed by the market,serving for the sick. The API Division can provide competitive raw medicinal materials for international pharmaceutical companies. CDMO Division can provide international pharmaceutical companies with R & D capability, production and service. FDF Division offer many clinical valued drugs in cardio-cerebrovascular, anti-infection, anti-tumor and other treatment methods to the medicinal areas.
                          About Us
                          Apeloa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a state-level key high-tech enterprise and key enterprise in pharmaceutical industry in Zhejiang Province . Our company is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of pharmaceutical products. The main business is in crude drug (API), contract R & D, production service (CDMO) and preparation (FDF) business. The products are mainly concentrated in cardio-cerebrovascular, anti-infection, anti-tumor and other treatment areas. At present, there are more than 70 kinds of raw materials produced on a large scale, 11 of which are sold more than 100 million, such as hydroxylic acid, Anfid, sartan D- ethyl ester and so on, which account for the absolute share of the global market. Headquartered in Hengdian Town, Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province, the company has 7 raw materials production plants and 4 preparation production plants, located in Hengdian and Quzhou in Zhejiang Province, , Weifang in Shandong Province, Chizhou, in Anhui Province, Datong in Shanxi Province. Besides, we have established R & D institutions in Shanghai,Chengdu and Hangzhou in China. We also have set up overseas companies or branches in the United States and Hong Kong . In order to improve market competition, our company build core competitiveness continuesly in quality, EHS and technology . Five of the API plants were certified by GMP, four by FDA, three by PMDA, three by CE in EU, one by WHO, one by KFDA, one by Germany GMP, and all of preparation factory were certified by GMP. In addition to the safety and occupational health management system certification, API plants continue to be audited by EHS audits from international pharmaceutical companies or third parties. Apeloa is the first national enterprise technology center, with two academicians workstations, two postdoctoral research workstations, a chiral medicine and intermediate technology national engineering research center. Each business department has established a R&D team combining with its own business development. The company R & D team includes 4 provincial "1000 person plan" experts. The company adheres to the core value of "mutual creation,mutual ownership, mutual sharing and mutual benefit", focus on creating corporate culture of"learn happily, exercise happily, work happily" , and implement the development strategy of "making fine raw materials, making CDMO stronger and making preparation with good quality". We will promote innovation with culture and drive the future with innovation. We are willing to work together with all sectors of society to make greater and greater contributions to the realization of "healthy dream".
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                          Activities & News
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